Rent this scooter at 20 USD
General Terms and Conditions of Vehicle Rental Agreement!
 The vehicle must be driven by the renter or authorized driver not any other person.
The vehicle is not allowed to be driven in the sea shore.
The responsibility and security of the vehicle will be upon the renter for the period of the contract.
If the renter breaks the contract He/She will be required to pay 50% of the agreed total cost.
The company can break the contract at any time if it is proved that, the renter is not keeping the vehicle in good condition such as careless driving and other intentional damage.
Any damage caused by carelessness the renter will compensate accordingly.
Petrol and driving permit are not included in the price.
Mechanical failure is our responsibility.
In the case of extra time the renter will have to pay 5 USD per hour.
Free Mileage.
Pickup and drop off the scooter at Zanzibar AirportFerry Port or any Stone Town area is Free of Charge. Deliver to different beach resorts and hotels on the island will cost 20 USD extra to bring the scooter to your location.
The vehicle is covered by a fully Comprehensive Insurance. The excess amount to the first 350 USD of damages to the scooters involved in the accident. Comprehensive helps cover damage to your scooter that’s not the result of a collision, such as:-

Natural disasters (like a hurricane or a tornado)
Falling objects
Damage done to your scooter by animals
A civil disturbance (like a riot that results in damage or destruction of your scooter)

What’s not covered by Comprehensive Insurance?

Damage to your scooter from a collision
Damage to another person’s vehicle from a collision
Your (or your passengers’) medical expenses after an accident

Insurance is not cover any damage to tyres, rims, glass/mirrors, undercarriage, damage and/or total loss due to the driver breach of any applicable traffic laws, damage caused by the driver blood alcohol concentration exceeding the limit permitted by any law or regulation or whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor, narcotic drugs or similar substances.

The vehicles must be locked when unattended. The hire is responsible for the security of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to make sure the scooter is park under watchmen during the night. Most places provide watchmen and scooter park!
The authorized driver must have held a full and valid driving license for a minimum of 2 years up to and including the time of hire and that license must bear no current endorsements during the last two years. International driver’s license required or your national driver’s license to be endorsed for an extra 10 USD. The authorized driver must be between the ages of 23 and 70 years of age. The authorized driver must also be in possession of a proper means of identification other than a driver’s license!


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